OH MY GOLLY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. less then two weeks to go!!!!!!!!

*starts pulling hair out*

hahaha as if...

People at school today were telling me how if they were in my situation they would be going crazy by now.. they would already have done this and this and this and this and be stressing about this and this and this and this.. and here i am .. going LA DI DAR DI DAR.. which isn't unusual for me.. i do like living in the world that often occupies the inside of my head...

But honestly, if i could explain to them that indeed this time i am already more prepared then i ever have been, then maybe they would relax a little.. i've packed and sent some stuff already.. i've got most of my life in order... i've got what i need and got rid of alot of stuff i wanted, but didn't really need .. (OH HOW I LOVE BOOKS, SO MANY BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm ready to start the next chapter of life.. I'm ready to go..

My grade 3/4's we're cute today though, they keep telling me they will miss me and i usually reply with Why? and they go, becauseeeee we will.. lol so today when i replied with WHY? they had reasons as to why, which were mostly just because they are a great class so i let them get away with ALOT of stuff.. it was nice though!!

lol then the Preps, who just so happen to call me Scooby, told me i wasn't allowed to leave, i had to stay forever!!! .. i asked how long forever was and they said till October... GO ME TEACHING THEM THE MONTHS OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!