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only 5 more weeks to go .. kinda scary, it is all going so so quickly, yet right now i don't really even mind because i just want to see him.. i've had enough of being apart... if everything isn't organised by then.. well thats just too bad, cos i'm going!!
54 days to go..

thats like 7 and a bit weeks..

thats like.. OH MY!!!!

thats like.. i better start doing lots of the things i need to do

thats like.. soon

everything is good though, been on school holidays for the past two weeks, spent a week down the beach and then a week in Queensland.. was very nice.. time is going very quickly!!!

also.. just watched the movie, Dan in Real Life.. hehe i really enjoyed it, got some good laughs in too!!
some days being apart just sucks so bad..
and is sooo hard..
and so lonely..
and so everything else..


doesn't helpn being half drunk.. only really makes it harder.. but then there would be no fun.. and lol... good times, good conversation, its always a good time ... until i come home alone, thats the hardest i reckon.. sitting here right now, alone.. wishing he was here
oooo so its only been two weeks since the last update.. well thats what LJ tells me anyways... kinds seems like longer then that though.. should check it lol

not much to update about right now though.. i'm trying to stay awake till Bill wakes up so i'll give it a go..

I booked my ticket back to Canada.. June 2nd is the date.. took me awhile to make a decision, a one way ticket seems so final lol .. but then again, for now it is.. but now that its booked i'm excited.. so much to do before then though... so much crap to organise.. i'm not so good with organising.. i much prefer last minute.. but i'm working on it.. got rid of sooo much junk out of my room too.. always a good thing!!!

been keeping busy lately, makes missing Bill easier.. couple of friends and i joined the gym which is lots of fun, i really enjoy it anyway, i am loving boxing, its so nice to go and put on those gloves and punch various equipment, alot of frustrations dissappear in that hour..

work has been good, keeps me busy anyway..

and lots of other things have been happening to.. dinners and coffees and a wedding and a birthday and yeah busy busy.. all is good :o)
so i have a few minutes before my banana bread is ready so i thought i would update.. since i never seem to get around to it.. too much time spent on facebook .. bad excuse, but at the same time a good one.. add me if you wish (sunny187athotmaildotcom)

So its been a long 3 weeks since Bill left, work has been keeping me busy but it still seems like so much longer since Bill left but unfortunately it isn't .. and it seems alot harder this time to go back to being apart from each other.. after having him here for 2 months, its hard to go back to life without him here, not sure what i used to do with all my time before he got here.. and its made harder now because there is nothing really keeping me here but myself, i am a Canadian Resident now, all i need to do is get on an plane and i can be with him .. but then i would miss out on everything that is happening here over the next couple of months, which i want to be a part of.. catch 22

anyways i've started "organizing" my life.. people look at me weird when i tell them this, but it's not easy to pack up and move to another country.. even though i've been doing it for years, this time its more permanent.. i dunno, how do you decide what to take and what not to take? .. such a hard job, but in another way, its a good clean out.. you can collect so much junk over the course of a few years...

Work has been good the last couple of weeks, i just did 3 weeks as an Art teacher.. if i didn't enjoy colouring in, i would have gone bonkers, but i really did enjoy it, i get to do creative things all day.. and i am the softball coach, we won our first 2 games.. go us!!!

all in all, life is good and i'm enjoying it.. now i better go shopping for a new dress for a wedding next week ;o)